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This one is based on Shanol‘s excellent original character. I really liked the character’s look with the thin body and the long legs. So I used his character as base and tried to make a dragon out of it. It turned out way more evil looking than I had planned, but you know, things change

I tried several different materials, mostly variations of a much lighter and more translucent (and less evil) material, but as soon as I tried this darker one it was like, “Yep, this is the one”. I used only procedural textures and they were a lot of fun to mix together, even though it got messy with all the nodes in the end. 2.3 million triangles in total.

Blender used for sculpting and LuxRender for rendering.

Creative Commons License

MIG Welding Equipment

Standard MIG welder for all your welding needs. The model is available for purchase on Blendermarket. Contains materials for LuxRender and Cycles.

Anybody not using Blender can easily convert the welder model to his/her choice of modeling tool: Simply download Blender and open the welder model and export the model to another format.

Armored Bulldozer

This is one of the more interesting vehicles I have ever seen. I would so want one of these.
The first time I saw it I thought it was a fictional vehicle, because … come on, it’s an armored bulldozer! Later I found out it’s actually a real thing, that exists on this very planet.
I had loads of fun modeling this guy. It took a long time but it turned out quite alright. Texturing turned out to be a challenge but very rewarding when I got something that I liked.
The size reference is not off scale. This thing is really this big.

This model is available for purchase at BlenderMarket. If you do not use Blender  you do not need to worry. Blender is free so you can just download it and export the bulldozer to any format that your 3D software can open.

Human size reference by user TeknicolorTiger on DeviantArt.


This is the famous guy from RoboCop. He was one of the first things I modeled years ago when I needed something to practice on. When modeling was done I just moved on the next thing, not making any textures for him. Later on after I learned texturing, I have been working on ED on and off. It has been a long time with many long breaks but finally the guy is done. Ah, those sweet gorgeous legs of his smile 

This is fan art, it is based on a copyrighted design. That’s why the blend file and the rendered images are licensed with a non-commercial license. You are still free to use it but not for any commercial work.
RoboCop © Orion pictures.

Download .blend file
26MB, modeling: Blender 2.72, rendering: LuxRender 1.4

Creative Commons License

Hatay Tank

This is the Hatay tank from the excellent movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. I have always liked its design because it’s so different. And slow. And noisy. And big and heavy. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering.
The tank in the movie was built from scratch based on one of the first tank designs, the Mark 8 used in World War 1.
Usually I don’t waste my time on anything related to the military but this is an exception. I like the design of the tank and the movie too much.
Things got a little bit out of hand with the textures so this whole thing is 391MB. Background and wood textures are from ImageAfter, the rest are created in Gimp.

This is fan art, it is based on a copyrighted design. That’s why the blend file and the rendered images are licensed with a non-commercial license. You are still free to use it but not for any commercial work.
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade © Paramount Pictures.

Download .blend file: part 1, part 2
233MB, modeling: Blender 2.7, rendering: LuxRender 1.3.1

Creative Commons License

A Slow Night

Here is another one of those abstract wallpapers. They sure are fun to create. It doesn’t really mean anything, I just made it up as I went. There were supposed to be hairs inside the flower things but after a test render they looked more like needles or cactus thorns. Unexpected and bizarre but I liked it so I left it like that. It’s not supposed to make sense anyway smile

The green-pink atmosphere is achieved by having LuxRender scatter colors unevenly. Green is scattered backwards, and red + blue (=pink) scattered forward. All blobs actually emit the same one colored light.
Check the flower to the far left. The emitting blob is hidden so most light is moving away from the camera. The light scatters and since it has to scatter backwards to reach the camera, that makes that flower’s surrounding green. If the camera was on the other side of that flower, and rotated towards it, the light would have a pink scatter since it would scatter forward (same direction as it is traveling).
You can see this on the second flower. Some light is scattering forward towards the camera and that makes the scatter pink. It also has some green because some light is also scattering backwards (the light that’s moving away from the camera further into the scene).
Some space is left clear on purpose for the icons. A full resolution png is included with the .blend file.

Download .blend file

26MB, modeling: Blender 2.7, rendering: LuxRender 1.3.1

A Slow Night
Creative Commons License

Off to Explore

This was made for the Organic competition in the LuxRender forums. The entries had to be … well, organic, but also something new which doesn’t exist. The idea of a flower letting go of its spores came pretty quickly.

It puts some new features of LuxRender 1.3 to use, such as instanced area lights for the emitting parts of the spores. It also uses the new heterogeneous volume to create the background clouds. Heterogeneous volumes are nasty to render but they sure are beautiful. In this one it covers the entire image, and the render also has a homogeneous volume for the sun rays, so this one will have some longer render times.

Download blend file
4MB, modeling: Blender 2.69, rendering: LuxRender 1.3

Off to explore
Creative Commons License

Bastet, Egyptian Goddess of Protection

This here is Bastet, the Goddess of Protection in ancient Egypt. The famous cat symbol in Egypt refers to this woman. She was also the daughter of Ra, the sun god.

Download .blend file
19MB, modeling: Blender 2.68, rendering: LuxRender 1.3


Creative Commons License

Hungry For Light

This was made for the ‘Math is beautiful / abstract wallpaper’  competition in the LuxRender forums.  All materials are procedural (created using mathematical formulas) that are available in LuxRender.

Download .blend file
4MB, modeling: Blender 2.66, rendering: LuxRender 1.2

hungry for light
Creative Commons License

Jade dragon

I made this one to learn sculpting, as well as to learn the new dynamic topology sculpting thing in Blender. And I must say I am very impressed by dynamic topology. Most awesome work Blender dev’s! Also, I found the dragon to be a very fantastic creature.

Download .blend file here.
75MB, modeling: Blender 2.66, rendering: LuxRender 1.2