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The Landwasserschlepper was an amphibious tractor built by the Germans in the 1940’s. Its purpose was to pull stuff across seas and rivers as well as on land. Indeed a very interesting vehicle design smile

As cool as the 1940’s design is by itself, I wanted a little comical look to it. The boat hull is way shorter than the original and I wanted some exaggerated tank tracks for no reason at all. Those changes made the scale of things look wrong. Everything is modeled to scale, it’s actually the vehicle that is smaller than it looks.

Download .blend file
108MB, Rendering: LuxRender, Modeling: Blender, Texturing: Substance Painter


Desert Vehicle

A lightweight and fast desert buggy with a little futuristic look. Intended for fast and fun driving across sand dunes. Built by using whatever material there was available and by using as little as possible of it. The vehicle comes with some space left for salvaging things (deserts can be big, you never know what you might find out there).
Includes sturdy foam tires, because rubber is old-school and deflates easily. Foam parts can easily be replaced if needed.

I so wanted to have a desert scene for this guy but I could not get it to look right. After several attempts I finally gave up and put him in a studio scene instead because I really wanted to finish him. I might revisit it later.

Textures: Substance Painter and Gimp
Rendering: LuxRender
Modeling: Blender


Hatay Tank

This is the Hatay tank from the excellent movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. I have always liked its design because it’s so different. And slow. And noisy. And big and heavy. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering.
The tank in the movie was built from scratch based on one of the first tank designs, the Mark 8 used in World War 1.
Usually I don’t waste my time on anything related to the military but this is an exception. I like the design of the tank and the movie too much.
Things got a little bit out of hand with the textures so this whole thing is 391MB. Background and wood textures are from ImageAfter, the rest are created in Gimp.

This is fan art, it is based on a copyrighted design. That’s why the blend file and the rendered images are licensed with a non-commercial license. You are still free to use it but not for any commercial work.
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade © Paramount Pictures.

Download .blend file: part 1, part 2
233MB, modeling: Blender 2.7, rendering: LuxRender 1.3.1

Creative Commons License