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Mark IV World War 1 tank

The Germans dug wider trenches to stop the new moving metal monsters called “tanks” in 1914. So the English extended the rear of the tanks with this “tad pole” version to be able to cross the trenches. Sadly this guy was engineered together in the end of the war and did not get to see battle. The war was over before he got put to use.
I really like the design of this guy. It’s long and weird, and looks more powerful and dangerous than the shorter regular Mark IV tanks.

The 3d model is on sale at Blender Market.

Rendering: LuxRender 1.5   modeling: Blender 2.74   texturing: Substance Painter


Hatay Tank

This is the Hatay tank from the excellent movie Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade. I have always liked its design because it’s so different. And slow. And noisy. And big and heavy. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering.
The tank in the movie was built from scratch based on one of the first tank designs, the Mark 8 used in World War 1.
Usually I don’t waste my time on anything related to the military but this is an exception. I like the design of the tank and the movie too much.
Things got a little bit out of hand with the textures so this whole thing is 391MB. Background and wood textures are from ImageAfter, the rest are created in Gimp.

This is fan art, it is based on a copyrighted design. That’s why the blend file and the rendered images are licensed with a non-commercial license. You are still free to use it but not for any commercial work.
Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade © Paramount Pictures.

Download .blend file: part 1, part 2
233MB, modeling: Blender 2.7, rendering: LuxRender 1.3.1

Creative Commons License