Hi guys!

My name is Peter and this blog is just a place where I share some 3D models I’ve created. I do 3D art as a hobby using Blender for modeling and the awesome LuxCoreRender (old LuxRender) for rendering, both of which are free software. The textures I use are downloaded from various texture sites, such as ImageAfter or created from scratch in Gimp or Substance Painter.

Some of the scenes/models are available for download, free to use for purposes covered by the Creative Commons CCBY license. In short, it means you are free to use them for personal and commercial purposes, edit the models as you wish, but you are required to credit me as the original author.

Some models are available for purchase from Blender Market but that does not mean it’s only for Blender users. Blender is free software so you can simply download Blender and open the purchased model with it and export it to a format (.dae .ply .obj  and others) that your 3D package can open.

I hope you find something of use here. If you improve any of the models, do please let me know, I’d love to see it. Send me a mail or a pm on deviantArt.

Have an awesome day!
Peter Sandbacka


3 responses to “About

  • Chris

    Thanks for your amazing and beautiful artwork!!!

  • Levente

    Your artworks are clean, well composed, genuine, beautiful and inspiring… I am getting even more enthusiastic for Luxrender and 3D modeling every time I check one out.

    Thank you for sharing and special thanks for giving the opportunity to download all of them! I am sure that I’ll learn something new from each.
    Keep up the amazing work!

    • piitascorner

      Thanks! I’m glad you like them.
      I do 3D modeling and rendering just for fun, and I really love doing it. I see no sense in keeping the scenes to myself, growing old on my hard drive. I rather see someone use them or improve them.

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