Bastet, Egyptian Goddess of Protection

This here is Bastet, the Goddess of Protection in ancient Egypt. The famous cat symbol in Egypt refers to this woman. She was also the daughter of Ra, the sun god.

Download .blend file
19MB, modeling: Blender 2.68, rendering: LuxRender 1.3

Bastet Egyptian Goddess of Protection 1 Bastet Egyptian Goddess of Protection 4

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2 responses to “Bastet, Egyptian Goddess of Protection

  • Egyptian Marketplace (@egyptian_market)

    Bastet is the Goddess of Music, a mother Goddess. Her warrior form, Bast (or Sehkmet in Northern Egypt), is the protector, often depicted as with the head of a lion instead of a cat. The statue you picture, is of Bastet in her form of dancer and lover of music more than protection.

    • piitascorner

      Thanks for the feedback.
      Before I started working on Bastet I did some research and found that the gods had different roles depending on the era. In one era Bastet was goddess of one thing and in a later era she was goddess of something else. So I just picked one that sounded powerful and stuck with it.

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