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Abstract Wallpaper

These are very fun to make because you can just make it up as you go. The only goal I had for this one was something dark and creepy. It is somewhat similar to my previous abstracts, in the way that something is emitting light(energy) and something else wants to absorb it. I figured some insect things with solar catching abilities would do the trick. And maybe these could be some spider like things that could easily traverse this environment.
So, some eight-legged insects with solar catching features. These exist everywhere, right?

It is a wallpaper so some space is left clear on purpose for the icons.
And no, it doesn’t mean anything. It’s abstract. It’s supposed to be weird.

Download .blend file
22MB, rendering; LuxRender, modeling: Blender, texturing: Substance Painter

abstract wallpaper

A Slow Night

Here is another one of those abstract wallpapers. They sure are fun to create. It doesn’t really mean anything, I just made it up as I went. There were supposed to be hairs inside the flower things but after a test render they looked more like needles or cactus thorns. Unexpected and bizarre but I liked it so I left it like that. It’s not supposed to make sense anyway smile

The green-pink atmosphere is achieved by having LuxRender scatter colors unevenly. Green is scattered backwards, and red + blue (=pink) scattered forward. All blobs actually emit the same one colored light.
Check the flower to the far left. The emitting blob is hidden so most light is moving away from the camera. The light scatters and since it has to scatter backwards to reach the camera, that makes that flower’s surrounding green. If the camera was on the other side of that flower, and rotated towards it, the light would have a pink scatter since it would scatter forward (same direction as it is traveling).
You can see this on the second flower. Some light is scattering forward towards the camera and that makes the scatter pink. It also has some green because some light is also scattering backwards (the light that’s moving away from the camera further into the scene).
Some space is left clear on purpose for the icons. A full resolution png is included with the .blend file.

Download .blend file

26MB, modeling: Blender 2.7, rendering: LuxRender 1.3.1

A Slow Night
Creative Commons License

Off to Explore

This was made for the Organic competition in the LuxRender forums. The entries had to be … well, organic, but also something new which doesn’t exist. The idea of a flower letting go of its spores came pretty quickly.

It puts some new features of LuxRender 1.3 to use, such as instanced area lights for the emitting parts of the spores. It also uses the new heterogeneous volume to create the background clouds. Heterogeneous volumes are nasty to render but they sure are beautiful. In this one it covers the entire image, and the render also has a homogeneous volume for the sun rays, so this one will have some longer render times.

Download blend file
4MB, modeling: Blender 2.69, rendering: LuxRender 1.3

Off to explore
Creative Commons License

Hungry For Light

This was made for the ‘Math is beautiful / abstract wallpaper’  competition in the LuxRender forums.  All materials are procedural (created using mathematical formulas) that are available in LuxRender.

Download .blend file
4MB, modeling: Blender 2.66, rendering: LuxRender 1.2

hungry for light
Creative Commons License