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Hotel Lobby

This is a scene from 2014 which I forgot to upload here, for some reason. It was made for the GPU benchmarking program LuxMark.
The goal was to create a scene for the heavy benchmark category with about 5 million faces. Architecture seemed like a nice challenge so I based the scene on the Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa in China.
Also the scene is lit by only one light source, the sun, because I wanted that challenge for an interior scene.

Download .blend file
41MB, modeling: Blender 2.77, rendering: LuxRender 1.6, texturing: Gimp

Hotel Lobby

Kitchen table set

A kitchen table and chairs are always useful.
Used in Automatic Scene Inference For 3D Object Compositing by Kevin Karsch.

Download .blend file here.
52MB, modeling: Blender 2.66, rendering: LuxRender 1.3

table and chairs
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