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Kitchen table set

A kitchen table and chairs are always useful.
Used in Automatic Scene Inference For 3D Object Compositing by Kevin Karsch.

Download .blend file here.
52MB, modeling: Blender 2.66, rendering: LuxRender 1.3

table and chairs
Creative Commons License

Floor lamp

Floor lamp with a poseable down light  and fixed up light. Textures from Plaintextures.

Download blend file here.
Blender 2.61 and Luxrender 0.9dev

Floor lamp
Creative Commons License

Garden light post

I was supposed to use this light post in another scene but I ended up removing it. I figured I’d create a scene for it, and this is it. The packaging was made just for fun to fill the scene. Some textures are from ImageAfter, the floor is Luxrender’s tile texture and the rest are created in Gimp.

Download .blend file here

Creative Commons License