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Hotel Lobby

This is a scene from 2014 which I forgot to upload here, for some reason. It was made for the GPU benchmarking program LuxMark.
The goal was to create a scene for the heavy benchmark category with about 5 million faces. Architecture seemed like a nice challenge so I based the scene on the Renaissance Sanya Resort & Spa in China.
Also the scene is lit by only one light source, the sun, because I wanted that challenge for an interior scene.

Download .blend file
41MB, modeling: Blender 2.77, rendering: LuxRender 1.6, texturing: Gimp

Hotel Lobby

Floor lamp

Floor lamp with a poseable down light  and fixed up light. Textures from Plaintextures.

Download blend file here.
Blender 2.61 and Luxrender 0.9dev

Floor lamp
Creative Commons License

Japanese lampshade

Japanese interiors are fascinating, aren’t they? Their neat rectangular forms are just beautiful.
I decided to model a simple Japanese style lamp and that resulted in this one here. I ended up doing a lot more work on the rest of the scene than on the lamp itself. Textures from Plaintextures.

Download .blend file here.
Blender 2.61 and Luxrender 0.9dev.

Creative Commons License