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What you type is not yours anymore

The other day I was typing some food and beverage names into the calendar on my Android phone. After that I pressed the middle circle button but accidentally for too long which brought up the Google voice command thing. It suggested that I give it a voice command … and this command included a beverage name I had just typed into the calendar.

It’s gross and frightening how far tracking has gone. Not even what you type is yours any more.
And I wasn’t even using Android’s default calendar, which is Google’s. I never use that for obvious reasons. But still my phone knew what I had typed.

Thankfully I have already ordered a Librem 5 smartphone: The brand new phone in development and is now getting its last finishing touches before mass production. It runs PureOS which is designed to protect you, not exploit you. Unlike Android and iOS which both track what you do and send it to Google.

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Image by John Ivar Andresen at Flickr (CCBY-NC-ND)


Have You Deleted Your Google Location History Yet?

Google keeps track of every place your phone has been to. Even when you are not using Googles services directly (Maps or Search). Google also saves your search history. You can check them both out at google.com/maps/timeline and myactivity.google.com/myactivity.

There are search engines that do not do that and one of them is DuckDuckGo. It respects privacy and does not track you.

Purism is now finishing up and delivering the very first Librem 5 smartphone: The brand new phone without any ties to Google.

Another smartphone you might be interested in is the one by the /e/ Foundation. They supply un-Googled Android smartphones.

The time to stand up for your privacy is now!




Image credits: Marcia O’Connor (CC-BY-NC)